Frequently Asked Questions


We want all furry members of the 11 Acres family to be comfortable, but it’s also important to us that you, as a dog parent, feel relaxed and confident your dog is in the right hands.

We are dog owners ourselves, and we wouldn’t send Luna anywhere without feeling 100% sure that she is in safe hands and will enjoy herself.

These are some of our most frequently asked questions, but please get in touch if your query isn’t covered below.

What are the benefits of dog daycare?

In our opinion, daycare for dogs is the best invention since liver cake treats. Dog day care provides opportunities for socialisation in a natural way (off leash); provides the opportunity to learn the language of dogs through experiencing appropriate social etiquette; provides exercise and stimulation that every dog deserves; as well as providing you a safe environment for your furry family member while you work, or just to give you a break. Take a look at the 11 Acres blog where I’ve written some more detailed information about the benefits of your dog attending regular daycare.


How do you know the other dogs are friendly and my dog(s) will be safe?

Every dog attending 11 Acres will undergo a behavioural assessment to ensure they are the right fit to attend daycare. Safety is our top priority, and we work hard to ensure all dogs in our care are safe, whilst enjoying their days with us.


Does that mean my dog(s) needs to be trained?

Not at all! We accept dogs at any level of training, as long as they have no history of aggression, and have a successful behavioural consultation prior to attending. Attending our daycare allows dogs to learn from each other, and we will be introducing them to our 5 basic commands (Come, Wait, Sit, Down, Stay) to create a well-mannered family member.


From what age can our dog(s) attend day care?

We welcome all dogs above the age of 5 months, as long as they have been vaccinated. 11 Acres provides puppies the opportunity to learn from older mentor dogs, ensuring they are appropriately socialised, and educated in dog etiquette. We adjust their daily schedules, incorporating extra snoozes for appropriate regulation of energy levels. Similarly for elderly dogs, we adjust their days to meet their energy requirements.


Are you fully insured and licensed?

We wouldn’t have it any other way! We’re fully insured, however, as we are just on the Welsh (Wrexham) side of the border, the Wrexham County Borough Council do not currently offer a dog daycare license. This is something we are liaising with the council about, as I am passionate that all dog-related establishments should be fully regulated in line with the most recent legislation. As a business, we have set-up everything in line with the DEFRA Animal Establishments License (2018) which was implemented recently in England, and will actively pursue the WCBC to introduce this legislation. I have received OFQUAL level 3 regulated qualifications in dog daycare and dog behaviour which would meet the highest standard DEFRA licensing requirements, as well as qualifications in dog first aid. We are also always completing CPD opportunities, such as attending specialist seminars/webinars, and keeping our knowledge up to date with educational courses.


I’m not always going to be in the house when the dogs need collecting, is this an

Absolutely not. Most of our clients provide us keys to their homes, and we pick-up and drop-off your furry family in our purpose designed dog van. This makes our daycare even easier for you – having door-to-door service (the dogs really are spoilt…)


How far do you travel for collections and drop-offs?

We have an approximate 5-mile radius around our site, including, Malpas, Threapwood and Worthenbury. Please contact us if you are outside this area.


Will my dog be safe?

The dogs’ welfare is our number one priority. Dogs like to play like dogs; they will run, chase, be chased, grab each others’ necks, fall down, bark, trip, pull on each others’ ears and tumble around. To some dog parents, this play could look worrisome, but this is healthy and positive dog play. We will monitor your pup to make sure they are safe and having fun playing with the other dogs. If at any point your dog becomes overwhelmed, we will intervene.

What happens in bad weather?

11 Acres is open come rain or shine! Although we are primarily an outdoor daycare, there is indoor shelter available at all times with bedding and space to play. Most dogs you will find thrive in the wet and find that extra energy to find the muddiest puddle, and some dogs prefer to stay inside under cover. Fortunately we have indoor space so dogs can relax/sleep/or play indoor and also 11 acres of outdoor space to get into muddy trouble!

Will my dog be cleaned?

In our experience, a dirty dog is a happy dog – however we understand that this doesn’t necessarily make you feel any better when your once yellow Labrador comes home looking like a chocolate Labrador… At 11 Acres we have a purpose built wash down shower area (we only use water rather than shampoo which can damage fur with repeated use) if they get muddy and we always try our best to send dogs home as clean as possible.

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